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C.C.U. is a non-profit organization based in Gulu, northern Uganda. CCU was founded in October 2018 with the aim of supporting children without hope (e.g.homeless, orphaned, disabled) to fight for a better future.


Uganda is a country in East Africa which was suffered from war for over 25 years, which has left many families disunited and traumatized.


The founder, Charlie (Odongo Fredrico),is from Gulu and spent eight years volunteering by himself, using his own money,to support children living on the street. In 2018, he met Mimi (Miriam Odongo),an educator and special needs teacher,who was volunteering in an orphanage in Gulu for the fourth time.


Mimi supported Charlie’s project until, in 2018, they joined forces and founded the organization ‘Children Care Uganda’.

Together, with the support of friends and familyand entirely on a voluntary basis, Mimi and Charlie are putting everything into building an organization which is a blessing to the community of Guluand significantly improves the situation for children in need, and their families.


We are registered as a Community Based Organization (C.B.O.) and a member of the NGO Forum, Gulu, Uganda. We are in the process of opening the association ‘Children Care Uganda Deutschland e.V. in Germany which will support the aims of CCU and make the goal of registering as an international NGO possible.