Our soccer activities take place 3x/week but offer so much more than just a chance to relax and have fun.A typical day for the teenagers that CCU work with often consists of washing in the unclean Gulu dam, followed by the worry of where their next meal will come from. On soccer days, however, we provide porridge in the morning and posho with beans in the afternoons to the teens, as well as the opportunity to wash their clothes and shower with clean water after training.Through the training they learn also different values, how to work as a team and form their social character. The sports meetings are also a great chance forus to understand and chat with the children about theirsituations. Through this, we are able to intervene and bring children with diseases or injuries to a doctor. After training, a pastor comes to pray with the children and to encourage them with the word of God. At CCU, we know that those who are healed from the inside can better show resilience and perseverance through the tough realities of street life.



It often happens that the children get beaten, tortured, imprisoned or even killed. Together with the police, community leaders and the heads of the government we try to intervene, release and protect them.

We speak with community leaders and the police about the situation the children are in and see ways to develop their status in the community.

It is important to convey the views of the children in order to open the eyes ofthose responsible to the situations the children are in.


Our main goal is to find a safe place to rehabilitate and improve the lives of homeless children, those with disabilities, those who need support in their families, and those who are not attending school.


The children we are working with are registered by our organization in order to allow for better monitoring and follow-ups of individual situations. At CCU, we reach out to the childrens’ homeslives to understand more around why they are in the situations they are. We talk to community leaders to see if and how a child could be resettled back home, and how to best support the child from there. At CCU, we understand that, if possible, themost important place for a child is at home with their birth families.






At CCU, we refuse to allow children to suffer or lose their lives because of beingunable to afford a simple malaria test, at 1,50, or the treatmentfor an easily managed infection. The children know they can come to us at any time and find support, so we try to take care of their health as best as we can by performing first aid, taking them to clinics and regularly monitoring their health.


We want to show the kids that we care for them and that they are important, so we celebrate festivals like Christmas and New Year together.


Through talks, prayers, spiritual guidance and counselling we are able to gain a deeper insight into the situations of the children and can encourage them to have faith and hope in their situation changing. Many of the children would love to have a supportive figure in their lives, but for most this isnot a reality, so we try to find solutions together.


CCU does NOT SUPPORT ACTIONS OF CRIME OR VIOLENCE and is counselling the children on how to live a more balanced and cooperative life within their communities.

CCU international

Hope for a better future


"We believe that children are precious and important, regardless of their background, health or social status. They are loved and they deserve to understand their value."


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