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Story Time

We would like to introduce you to some of our Children (names are changed) to get to know them and their stories better.

Medical Care - Meet Geoffrey

This is Geoffrey, he is 12 years old and can barely see. He is living on the street since 5 years, so he was still young when he was forced to leave his village. He doesn’t know his parents and no one took care of his health. Because of his bad condition many other people abuse him a lot. Other street kids force him to buy drugs for them or steal his clothes. If not they are say they will burn or kill him. So he is scared all of the time.

We want to take him for an operation of his eyes to make him see clearly the first time in his life.

Addicted to Drugs - Meet Peter

This is Peter, he is 15 years old and addicted to drugs cause of a traumatised family history. The mother died so that he had live with his abusive step mother who kicked him out of the family after the father’s death. You can see some wounds on his head which are caused by his step mother and step siblings trying to burn and chop him with a bush knife. So he ran away and got addicted to drugs and alcohol and disturbing people at night.

We want to give psychologcial support to teenagers like him and have a home center in future where they can rehabilitate from their traumatizising history.

Disabled and Left Out - Meet Odoch

This is Odoch. He’s an orphan and doesn’t go to school because of his disability and no financial support. He is paralysed and staying with his step mum in Gulu. They are struggling hard to keep his health condition stabile but often there is no money to afford the care he needs. His step mother is unable to show him love and doesn’t see him as a precious person, because of his disability. Often other children push him in the wheelchair cause no one else does it. He often tells the children he wants to be like them. Going to school, having a loving family who cares for him and walk around freely.

Children Care Uganda wants to encourage him and other disabled children, that they can be a great and able person in future.