Founder, Director of Education

Full Name: Miriam Odongo (born Öttinger)


Nationality: German


Expirience: Worked as a professional educator and curative pedagoge in kindergartens, psychiatries and schools in Germany and in orphanages in Uganda.


Her Heart: "I want to show children their value, encourage them and empower their skills. We all have so many abilities but others are showing us only our weakness. If we look on the positive side, our abilities we can do so much more and become stronger."


Introduction Video Founder Mimi



Founder, C.E.O.

Odongo Fredrico Charlie volunteered 8 years by himself with homeless children witht he dream to do more for them than just supporting them by the money he is making with his gym.

The personal trainer is a man of faith and managed together with Mimi to set up CCU.


"I believe, that if you believe in something, God will hear your prayer and there will be a way. This hope i want to share with children and youth without hope, without parents or without the support they need. They can still make it and fight for a

better future."



Our helping hands

All our work is volunteer based and we are grateful for all those, who support us immensly with our programms, pray for us, advise us and make our organization better!

We especially want to thank our


Director of Finance and Administration: Oceng Brian

Soccer Coach: Mkongo Brian

and all others.




CCU international

Hope for a better future


"We believe that children are precious and important, regardless of their background, health or social status. They are loved and they deserve to understand their value."


+256 393252092

P.O. Box 507, Gulu, Uganda

Dr. Aliker Road, Plot. 10

Gulu, Uganda

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