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Reach out to relatives and families of the children who are living on the street

  • Get to know the full background of the children, close check at their home situation and history.

  • Inform parents / guardians about our activities and offer them our support.

  • Counsel relatives and children and see ways of reuniting and supporting them.

Open our youth centre

  • Next to the office is a free hall to become the C.C.U.-youth centre for activities during the day.

  • It shall be a place of safety where the teenagers can take a rest, shower and wash their clothes from. If possible (after building a kitchen and having enough budget for food) also to cook and eat together from there.

  • We want to provide helpful activities for the youth, e.g. different workshops for carpentry, arts, hand-skills, technical and musical skills. Together we can work on our own products which we can sell, e.g. seats, liquid soap, cooking spoons etc. This is a way for the youth to learn how to do useful work which is paid off.

  • We want to pray with them, counsel and encourage them to make them grow in faith and hope to be willing to change their lives.

Medical Care Upgrade

  • We want to have Hepatitis B- and Malaria tests in the office, as well the treatment instead of going to the clinic each time

  • Connect and work hand in hand with local doctors and hospitals to ensure a professional medical care.

  • We need dressing material and a first aid kit both for the youth centre as for the soccer pitch

Support children from home in Education

                                                   It’s our main goal to find or provide a safe home for vulnerable children and teenagers                                                without hope to have a better future. There are different ways to aim this goal:





Support children and their families

  • Close checks, visiting the families and getting in touch with them

  • Meeting the relatives together with the child

  • Reunion for homeless, counselling and guiding of the reunion

  • Long term support for the child and family and monitoring the situation

Provide a home for those without a supportive family

  • Buy a land, build a house, provide everything for agriculture

  • Take care of children and teenagers, support them in the daily life and teach them English to be able to go back to school, provide school requirements and education

  • Some of the youth are too old to go back to school -> Send them to training centres and business schools

  • To encourage them in participating the duties and activities of the daily life, teach them in gardening, caring for animals or to repair and fix things in the house to find their abilities and to encourage them in those.

  • Provide them love and shelter as a family to rehabilitate them and make them strong for their future.

Give support to become independent

  • Cooperation with local training centres, carpenters and offices to find work or training for them.

  • Organized, independentliving for the older youth, who are living on the street, lead them to support each other and be aware of their duties when living together.

Wide the focus on children with disabilities

  • Changing mind set of the community, involve them in community activities.

  • Make them stronger in their position as an equal community member, provide school and individual training for them.

  • Support family in medical care, health and support facilities which are needed.

  • Help them to find their abilities and strength to encourage them in those and work on them.