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  • Reducing stigma against vulnerable groups of people in their communities

  • Inclusion of homeless children and youth, orphans and children living with disabilities, mental sicknesses or chronic illnesses

  • Planting hope in young generations through life-changing activities

  • Providing education, medical care and psycho-social support for vulnerable children and youth and their families

  • Build a supportive, positive and open minded environment 

  • Improving the mental health and mental wellbeing of the project participants and their families

  • Prevention of violence against women and children through community dialogues, trainings, counseling and working hand in hand with local partners

  • Teaching our beneficiaries sustainable ways of living through skill trainings

  • Bringing healing and restoration to children and their families through counseling, guidance and prayer

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Achievements 2023

Our year in graphics

Our Projects in 2023


  • Tailoring and Garment cutting: 13 participants/course = 26 per year

  • Hairdressing and body beauty: 16 participants / course = 32 per year

  • Carpentry and Joinery: 10 participants / course = 20 per year


  • 9 boys total

  • Admitted 4 new boys in the center and resettled others successfully


  • 24 children and young people go to school

  • Regular visits by our social worker


  • 84 participants

  • 5-month courses for everyone in skills training, weekly campfires, 1 soccer camp, + tournament

  • Improving emotional stability, resilience and feeling supported.


  • Large football tournament with 500 participants + 2000 indirect participants (received mental health sessions during breaks)

  • Football training 2-3 times a week

  • 8 smaller tournaments and games



  • Weekly group and individual counseling

  • Family visits and home visits

  • 4 birth packages released in 2023

ACHIEVED Goals in 2022


Counseling & Healing

  • Psychosocial counseling for underage mothers, families and young people: e.g. 3 young people were able to end their drug addiction through the counseling and resolve conflicts positively

  • Weekly group counseling sessions with the skills training participants, individual counseling and family counseling conducted​



  • We planted maize, beans and vegetables to sustain nutrition at the center

  • Started a chicken farm with 40 chicken

  • Through a cooperation with a Canadian university, the team has grown and we have offered many internal training courses and workshops in 2021 we were able to purchase our own property with an office building in the city and now renovate and move there.


Education & Skill Training

  • We have 14 children in the sponsorship program

  • the children in the center were able to continue to build relationships with their home families and attend school all year round. One of our boys finished primary school as the 4th best.

  • We were able to start 2 new skills training courses: Hairdressing and Carpentry

  • A total of 24 participants took part in our sewing course and celebrated a wonderful graduation ceremony with a fashion show


Rehabilitation Center

  • We were able to provide five boys in the center with a balanced diet and medical care

  • Children were able to improve in their social behavior and in building relationships with their home family

  • We went on retreats and organized everyday life with them

SPORTS Project

  • Carried out soccer trainings 2-3 times a week

  • Participation in 2 Tournaments and 2 friendly games

  • Organized a huge CCU Tournament with 500 participants

  • Weekly sports offers: traditional dance group and soccer training


Home Visit & Resettlement

  • There were a total of 25 home visits and 2 of our older youths were returned to their families


Administration & Human Resource

  • We are now registered as an international NGO by the Ugandan side

  • We added 10 staff members to our through the "WORP" Project​

  • We reviewed and improved our internal structures 

  • Quarterly staff appraisals and team building events were conducted

Human Rights & Partnership

  • We were able to conduct 4 workshops with parents and young people from the village community. around 80 people attended each workshop. Topics were e.g. domestic violence, pregnancy in adolescence.

  • We were able to forge closer ties with the village elders for cultural advice

  • We were able to hold monthly worship and prayer times with the village church and give them positive thoughts and encouragement

Counseling & Healing

  • 60 participants from soccer, 6 from the tailoring course, one family and 6 beneficiaries living at the center attended both individual and group counseling

  • Three beneficiaries have overcome drug addiction/substance abuse

  • Beneficiaries’ parent and organization relationship improvement.

  • One teenage expectant mother supported with pregnancy package

  • Monthly prayer meetings with the youth of the community at the Center


  • We opened 4 hectares of land for farming activities

  • Growing some of the food needed to provide a balanced diet the beneficiaries at the St. Elisabeth Rehabilitation Center

  • Local fundraising products like shirts, etc. sold

Rehabilitation Center

  • Construction and finishing of the Skills Training Hall

  • Beginning of the construction of the kitchen and Volunteer house

  • 3 new boys were admitted to the Rehabilitation Center

  • We provided a balanced nutrition, healthcare and education for all beneficiaries living at the rehabilitation center


Tailoring Course

  • 6 young women finished our tailoring course

  • 3 of them received job offers and 2 started their own business, one was employed

  • All of them went through individual and group counseling and received legal advice


Soccer Project

  • Over 100 Trainings conducted

  • Participation in 2 Tournaments

  • Weekly participation of about 20 teenagers. Body fitness and teamwork improved


Education & Skill Training

  • Home Schooling during the lockdown 4 times a week

  • 12 children accessing education through the sponsorship program

  • 10 Business Skill Trainings were conducted

  • 60-100 youth came each week since the trainings started (September)

  • Traditional Dance Group was meeting on a weekly base since September


Home Visit & Resettlement

  • 4 boys were resettled in the homes of their families

  • 12 Home visits conducted

  • 15 Home assessments conducted

Administration & Human Resource

  • Excellent coordination between staff and upper management

  • Programs have been monitored well

  • Activities have been implemented as planned

  • Team building training has been on going to update staff about new policies and procedures

  • 3 new team members joined CCU


Human Rights & Partnership

  • 3 community dialogues were carried out in 2021, each event was visited by about 100 community members

  • Monthly meetings with the GBV working group and the local authorities

  • We were able to bring new partners on board

  • We carried out different fundraising events in Germany to build new partnerships


achievements in 2021

Thank you for your support in all our acitivites.

Without you, all of this would not be possible!


                                                                  It’s our main goal to find or provide a safe home for vulnerable children and teenagers                                                                without hope to have a better future. There are different ways to aim this goals:





Support children and their families

  • We did close checks, visiting the families and getting in touch with them

  • We did for each child, who is living with us, 2 home visits and the parents came to visit us in the center once

  • We were able to renuinte one boy with his family



We opened our Rehabilitation Center

  • We finished the building of our Rehabiliation Center in February 2020

  • We cooperated with the government and finished all the paperwork and inspections in Augsut 2020

  • We shifted with 10 boys, who lived on the streets before, to our Rehabilitation Center

  • We are supporting them in their daily life and hired an English teacher twice a week to teach them english. This has the goal for them to be able to go back to school, in 2021.

  • We started to engage them in the duties and activities of the daily life, teach them in gardening, caring for animals or to repair and fix things in the house to find their abilities and to encourage them in those.


Skill Training Programme

  • We started our Skill Trainings in June 2020, both in Tailoring and making our own liquid soap

  • We bought 12 tailoring machines and all the materials

  • So far 25 girls and 10 boys participated in our tailoring programme

  • We were able to sell the first liquid soap and matched T-Shirts

  • The boys and girls made their own masks and bags, repaired their clothes etc.

Covid 19-Support


  • We were able to donate 400kg of Maize flour to families, who are affected by GBV (Gender based violence)

  • We provided a safe accomendation during the lockdown for homeless boys in our temporary shelter

  • We distributed masks in the communites

International Cooperation

  • Our German association "Children Care Uganda Deutschland e.V." was officially founded and our board members visited the team and children in the center in Uganda

  • We cooperated with GIZ and developed our strategic plan, improved our financial system and were able to train the team in different areas

  • We are grateful for the support of Help Alliance in our skill training project.

Reached GOALS 2020




Open our youth centre & temporary shelter       


Next to the office is a free hall which first became the C.C.U.-youth centre for activities during the day.

  • From November 2019 on, we are able to host 8-10 boys to stay there while we are building the rehabilitation centre out of town.

  • It is a place of safety where the teenagers can take a rest, shower and wash their clothes from.

  • The boys, who stay there, receive 3 meals per day and full care for their daily life.

  • We pray with them, counsel and encourage them to make them grow in faith and hope to be willing to change their lives.

  • We see great changes in theirs social skills and brotherhood and daily-life skills through the life at our CCU-shelter and the counselling programmes.

Medical Care

  • We are connected and work hand in hand with local doctors and hospitals to ensure a professional medical care.

  • We bought a first aid kit with dressing materials for the youth centre.


Reach out to relatives and families of the children,

who are living on the street


We want to ensure that we know the full background of each child, by conducting in-depth checks on their home situationsand histories.


  • Inform parents / guardians about our activities and offer them our support.

  • Counsel relatives and children and see ways of reuniting and supporting them.


We want to extend our activities to include counselling of relatives as well as thechildren to find ways of reuniting and supporting them.


Support children from home in Education


  • We were able to resettle children and support them from now on in education. The parents / guidance give their partner contribution for smoothening the way for the child for it’s future.


Purchasing Land and Construction of our rehabilitation centre


  • To make a real change into their lives, they not only need an emotional distance from the street life, but also a physical. To rehabilitate from all trauma, sustain ourselves through farming and give a safe place, we were able to purchase a land out of town and build the first house, which shall be our “CCU, St. Elisabeth Rehabilitation Centre”.

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