Our Goals in 2021

  • Send the children, who are living with us in the Rehabilitation Center to school

  • Reach out to more children, living with disabilities through educational programmes

  • Stabilize our soccer and skill training project financially

  • Finish the building of our kitchen and the chicken and goat house

  • Start with farming and animal keeping to sustain ourselves more and more

  • Relationship building between chidlren and their families

  • Build a Volunteer House on the compound

  • Build a soccer pitchon our own land, to bring together the youth of the community

  • Community Dialouges about the topics "life on the street" and "living with disabilities"

                                                                  It’s our main goal to find or provide a safe home for vulnerable children and teenagers                                                                without hope to have a better future. There are different ways to aim this goals:





Support children and their families

  • We did close checks, visiting the families and getting in touch with them

  • We did for each child, who is living with us, 2 home visits and the parents came to visit us in the center once

  • We were able to renuinte one boy with his family



We opened our Rehabilitation Center

  • We finished the building of our Rehabiliation Center in February 2020

  • We cooperated with the government and finished all the paperwork and inspections in Augsut 2020

  • We shifted with 10 boys, who lived on the streets before, to our Rehabilitation Center

  • We are supporting them in their daily life and hired an English teacher twice a week to teach them english. This has the goal for them to be able to go back to school, in 2021.

  • We started to engage them in the duties and activities of the daily life, teach them in gardening, caring for animals or to repair and fix things in the house to find their abilities and to encourage them in those.


Skill Training Programme

  • We started our Skill Trainings in June 2020, both in Tailoring and making our own liquid soap

  • We bought 12 tailoring machines and all the materials

  • So far 25 girls and 10 boys participated in our tailoring programme

  • We were able to sell the first liquid soap and matched T-Shirts

  • The boys and girls made their own masks and bags, repaired their clothes etc.

Covid 19-Support


  • We were able to donate 400kg of Maize flour to families, who are affected by GBV (Gender based violence)

  • We provided a safe accomendation during the lockdown for homeless boys in our temporary shelter

  • We distributed masks in the communites


International Cooperation

  • Our German association "Children Care Uganda Deutschland e.V." was officially founded and our board members visited the team and children in the center in Uganda

  • We cooperated with GIZ and developed our strategic plan, improved our financial system and were able to train the team in different areas

  • We are grateful for the support of Help Alliance in our skill training project.

Reached GOALS 2020


Thank you for your support in all our acitivites.

Without you, all of this would not be possible!




Open our youth centre & temporary shelter       


Next to the office is a free hall which first became the C.C.U.-youth centre for activities during the day.

  • From November 2019 on, we are able to host 8-10 boys to stay there while we are building the rehabilitation centre out of town.

  • It is a place of safety where the teenagers can take a rest, shower and wash their clothes from.

  • The boys, who stay there, receive 3 meals per day and full care for their daily life.

  • We pray with them, counsel and encourage them to make them grow in faith and hope to be willing to change their lives.

  • We see great changes in theirs social skills and brotherhood and daily-life skills through the life at our CCU-shelter and the counselling programmes.

Medical Care

  • We are connected and work hand in hand with local doctors and hospitals to ensure a professional medical care.

  • We bought a first aid kit with dressing materials for the youth centre.


Reach out to relatives and families of the children,

who are living on the street


We want to ensure that we know the full background of each child, by conducting in-depth checks on their home situationsand histories.


  • Inform parents / guardians about our activities and offer them our support.

  • Counsel relatives and children and see ways of reuniting and supporting them.


We want to extend our activities to include counselling of relatives as well as thechildren to find ways of reuniting and supporting them.


Support children from home in Education


  • We were able to resettle children and support them from now on in education. The parents / guidance give their partner contribution for smoothening the way for the child for it’s future.


Purchasing Land and Construction of our rehabilitation centre


  • To make a real change into their lives, they not only need an emotional distance from the street life, but also a physical. To rehabilitate from all trauma, sustain ourselves through farming and give a safe place, we were able to purchase a land out of town and build the first house, which shall be our “CCU, St. Elisabeth Rehabilitation Centre”.