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3 x / week we are doing so much more than playing soccer. Because the teens can take porridge in the morning and posho with beans in the afternoon they don’t have to worry about their meal for these days. After training they can wash their clothes and shower – what they usually do from the dirty damn in Gulu City. The sport meetings are also a good opportunity for us to see the situation of the kids and talk to them about it. We can intervene and bring children with diseases or injuries to a doctor. After training a Pastor is coming to encourage them with the word of God and is praying with them. We know – who is healed from inside can manage the tough situation on the street better, have faith to become better and hold on.


It often happens that the children get beaten, tortured, imprisoned or even killed. Together with the police, community leaders and the heads of the government we try to intervene, release and protect them.

We speak with community leaders and the police about the situation the children are in and see ways to develop their status in the community.

Involving the few of the children is very important to open eyes of responsible person for their situation.


Our main goal is to find a safe place to rehabelitate for homeless children and improve the home situation for children who are out of school, have disabilities or need support in their families.

The children we are working with are registered by our organization to give us more background details and makes it possible for us to follow up their families.

We reach out to their homes to find out about their situation, talk to community leaders and see if and how a child could be resettled back home and how it has to be supported from there.







We don’t want children to suffer or die because they cannot afford the malaria test for 1,50€ and the treatment or because of infected injuries which are causing pain.

They know they can come to us any time to find support.

So we try to take care of their health, do first aid take them to the clinic and monitor, best as possible, their health status.


We want to show the kids that we care for them and that they are important, so we are celebration fests, like Christmas or New Year together.


Trough talks, prayers, spiritual guidiance and counselling during the week we take a close look at the situation the children are in and want to encourage them to have faith and hope to change their situation. Many of them want but don’t have someone to support them, so we are trying to find solutions together.

CCU does NOT SUPPORT ACTIONS OF CRIME OR VIOLENCE and is counselling the children how to live a better life in the community.