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Children Care Uganda, a non-profit organization, works with vulnerable children in need of support in Gulu, northern Uganda. CCU was founded in October 2018 with the aim of supporting children without hope (e.g. homeless, orphaned, children living with disabilities and vulnerable child mothers) to fight for a better future. Northern Uganda suffered from war for over 25 years which has left many families separated and traumatized.


Before founding Children Care Uganga, Gulu native Charlie (Odongo Frederico) spent eight years volunteering and using his own money to support children living on the streets of Gulu. In 2018, he met Mimi (Miriam Odongo), an educator and special needs pedagogue, who was volunteering in an orphanage in Gulu for the fourth time. Mimi supported Charlie’s project until 2018 when they joined forces and founded the organization ‘Children Care Uganda’.

Children Care Uganda has its main office in Gulu City, where it offers tailoring courses for young single mothers supplemented with psycho-social support.

Children Care Uganda St. Elisabeth Rehabilitation center is a temporary home for our beneficiaries (orphans and homeless children), a place where the community comes together and where youth can participate in life changing activities like business skill training, sports activities, traditional dance, counseling and spiritual guidance.

CCU has beneficiaries from across Uganda and is conducting home visits and resettlements in different parts of the country.

Together, with the support of friends, family and their on site team, Mimi and Charlie are doing everything they can o build an organization that serves and supports the communities of Northern Uganda and significantly improves the situations of vulnerable children; orphaned, single mothers, children living with disabilities and their families through offering shelter, psycho-social & spiritual, educational & medical support. CCU works hand in hand with local authorities, partners and community elders to be able to fight against stigma and sensitize about important issues like GBV, discrimination, teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, mental health, etc.

Our work is based on Christian values. While saying that it is important for us that regardless of the background of a person they feel accepted and loved in our community.

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We’re passionate about working to ensure all children have a safe and happy childhood. We are willing to walk the extra mile to ensure we can reach our goals and carry out our vision and mission.


We are open to new ideas, we embrace change, and we take disciplined risks to develop sustainable solutions which continuously improve our work for and with the beneficiaries. We love seeing internal and external growth of our organization and encourage our team to think creatively.


We strive to ensure that all children, regardless of their background or health status, are included, feel loved and given hope. We carry this value into our communities to build an open-minded and inclusive environment for people who are left-out of our society.


We’re committed to the highest standards of conduct and ethical practice, which includes personal honesty and behavior. We never compromise our reputation and always act in the best interest of our donors and beneficiaries.


We take personal responsibility for using our resources efficiently. We respect our donors’ intentions and promote responsible stewardship and accountability of the resources entrusted to us.

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We are a C.B.O. (Community Based Organization) and registered with NGO Forum Gulu. Our main operating office is in Gulu, Uganda. 

We are planning to register as an international NGO this year, 2022.

Our head office is Children Care Uganda Deutschland e.V., a German association. The German board of directors is the highest administrative authority. Read the German constitution for more details.

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