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Our founders are coming to Germany in November
Register for our newsletter or check out this page regularly not to miss your chance to meet them in person. If you would like to help organizing an event at your home church, school, community center or just with friends, please send a message to Mimi and you can coordinate. Thank you for your help!


We will have our annual membership meeting of the German association on October 9th at "St. Lioba" Lengfeld, Würzburg. If you are a member of our German non-profit, please make it a priority to come so that we you can play the important role of making decisions and votes together with other members. It will also be  a great opportunity to connect and be updated about the progress of the activities in Uganda.

If you are a German citizen and would like to be a member of the German non-profit, but are not yet, you can send an email to and receive the registration form.



This year, we are bringing  together 760 young people (males and females) between the age of  15-24 years to participate in the tournament.


Besides the soccer games, there will be a lot of other activities and services that are tailored towards promoting Mental Health and Well-being for our young people. 

You too can join us in this effort. You can support our budget-line by donating something, either in kind or in cash.

You can donate for a lump sum or a specific items, like:

  • 4 Boxes of Water (80,000 UGX) - 21 Euros

  • Jerseys (500,000 UGX) - 128 Euros

  • Trophy (each 300,000 UGX) - 77 Euros each

  • Goal Nets (200,000 UGX) - 51 Euros

  • 35 Balls (50,000 UGX each) - 13 Euros each

If you are specialized on mental health or have your personal story to share to empower youth and children, please get in touch with our tournament committee to see how we can create inspiring content together.