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A tale of Hope with CCU

One of our boys (for privacy, not the one in the photo), was forced to leave home about two years ago, of domestic violence. No money for education and even though the mother loves him, it broke his heart to stand the situation while they were facing abuse and they also had so sleep hungry often.


With the mind of starting a new and better life, and to find a job somewhere, he ended homeless on the streets of Gulus when he was 12. He felt liks he failed and the abuse continued in a different way. Because of shame he didn't want to talk to the mother, when she saw him moving on the streets and he always ran away to avoid her.


A year ago he registered with CCU, where we also had the first family contact and half a year ago he joined the group of children staying at our temporary shelter and lives with us for now - safe and protected.


Yesterday, when we visited the family together with the boy, the mother was happy and surprised about how open he talked to her and shared with her about his life. He told her about the hope he has now to do something good and to support his family later. The progress of healing began.


Counselling of the parents and invovment of community leaders are ways to support the family. We don't know if and when they can be united again, but it gives hope that there is a change already within the few months the boy stays with us.


Even though we are their family for now, the children should always know where they belong and the guidance should not forget about their responsibility.


It is touching to see a change in the heart and this is the first step in the right direction. The first step of a long way, but a way, the child doesn't have to walk alone.


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