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Germany friends and Family of CCU visit:

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

We were blessed by the Team from Germany consisting of mainly Family and Friends of CCU who visited the rehabilitation Centre in Gulu and shared a lot with us.

It's our mission to provide vulnerable children and their families with "hope for a better future", encouragement and support in any medical, emotional or educational issue in their daily lives.

Most of our kids never experienced love. To see them building relationships with each other and with the team fills our heart with much joy and we experience positive changes in how they think and their behaviours every day.

As we state in our vision - love is the key - how you look at someone and how they look at themselves makes the whole difference.


These small things are the foundation of a healthy self-picture and the key not only for us to give them hope, but for them to believe that there is hope.


Hope to make a change.

Hope that leads to trust.

Hope that makes you believe.

Hope for a better future

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