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Story Time

We would like to introduce you to some of our Children (names are changed) to get to know them and their stories better.

Medical Care - Meet Geoffrey

This is Geoffrey, he is 14 years old and can barely see. He has been living on the street for about 6 years, so he was still young when he was forced to leave his village. He doesn’t know his parents and no one took care of his health. Because of his bad condition many other people abuse him a lot. Other street kids force him to buy drugs for them or steal his clothes. If not they are say they will burn or kill him. So he was scared all the time. 

In our temporary shelter he feels safe now. We are happy how positive he lives his life, no matter of all terribly things he went through. He dreams, laughs and plays and shares his thoughts and heart with us.

To achieve his dreams and heal more and more we want to care for him. 

When we have the resources, we want to take him for an operation of his eyes to make him see clearly the first time in his life.

This is Jonas - Violent Home

This is Jonas. He ran away from home, because he didn't see any perspective from there. His father mistreated his mother and siblings. His home village lies very far away so that even buying soap becomes very hard. Every day he was just digging in the garden - No school, no possibility seeing friends. These problems and the violence, he experienced at home, brought him to run away and try his luck in Gulu, He hoped to find a job and having a better life but unfortunately he landed on the streets of Gulu. Charlie knows him for many years. Jonas is, as we like to say "a good soul". Together we visited his family and talked to the mother. Psychosocial support for families and parents is a very important key in our work. We hope, Jonas can make peace with his family one day. He should be able to say, that he achieved something in life. To make these steps, to heal and explore is own abilities - this is where we support him. We want to help him to do a driver license to be able living an independent and free life and sustain himself.

Disabled and Left Out - Meet Odoch

This is Odoch. He’s an orphan and doesn’t go to school because of his disability and no financial support. He is paralysed and staying with his step mum in Gulu. They are struggling hard to keep his health condition stabile but often there is no money to afford the care he needs. His step mother is unable to show him love and doesn’t see him as a precious person, because of his disability. Often other children push him in the wheelchair cause no one else does it. He often tells the children he wants to be like them. Going to school, having a loving family who cares for him and walk around freely.


Children Care Uganda wants to encourage him and other disabled children, that they can be a great and able person in future.

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